In Women of the World, we condemn all forms of violence, but there is an invisible violence, unnoticed by the majority that affects a large number of women: It is violence against maternity. This form of discrimination and harassment usually takes place at the workplace. 


The indicated anti-natalist violence, alongside with the growing tendency to put motherhood in a negative light results in a great suffering and sacrifice that both, women and their families are experiencing. 


Silent violence against maternity dominates the culture in society, politics, and even taxation. Our environment rejects motherhood with strong barriers pushing women to reject it too, leading them to frustration and depression. 


That is why we are taking action and launching a Manifesto on Discrimination and Darassment due to Motherhood. We want to collect as many signatures as possible and deliver them to the UN and the European Parliament to demand a solution to the struggles women face because of motherhood. You can do something to stop it. Please sign our Manifesto here.


You surely know someone who has suffered this violence: probably, she postponed having children and finally she couldn’t have them. Perhaps she suffered harassment at work, or simply she could’t have more children because there is no social nor financial help. Maybe it is you who have suffered discrimination. 


Sign the Manifesto here: