We start May –mom’s month- by launching our annual virtual campaign named “Hire a mom in your company”. Will you join us?

The hashtag for this campaign is #Mothers4Change and #HireAMomInYourCompany. Both can be used either on Facebook or Twitter.

Have a look at the promo video here: https://youtu.be/hWtTJN6XuV0  and share it!! You will love it!.

The campaign is about spreading through social networks the skills mothers have, which make them be a very valuable human capital for any company. Is just generating motherhood positive marketing within the private sector through a simple, jet very visual campaign… will you help us? Because being a mother is an extra in your curriculum.

 The kind of quotes we want to share and reach with them to thousands of people are something like this:

ü  A mother resolves conflicts   #Mothers4Change #HireAMomInYourCompany

ü  A mother listens with empathy   #Mothers4Change  #HireAMomInYourCompany

ü  A mother uses resources efficiently   #Mothers4Change  #HireAMomInYourCompany

ü  A mother knows how to manage time   #Mothers4Change  #HireAMomInYourCompany

ü  A mother knows how to motivate and nurture   #Mothers4Change #HireAMomInYourCompany

ü  A mother is flexible and adapts well to change   #Mothers4Change #HireAMomInYourCompany

ü  A mother analyses problems and makes decisions   #Moms4Change #HireAMomInYourCompany

You can also download the images containing the above quotes here:  https://flic.kr/s/aHskUUDvHw They are beautiful, don’t miss them!

And remember following us through our social networks for you to stayed tuned with this and other future campaigns, also to be the voice of feminine entrepreneurs, fighting mothers and the restless women who wish to live in terms of WOMEN worldwide.