We want to share with you a recap of everything we have lived in the Women of the World Platform.

I want you to take a look at our first Annual Report. Check it out and review with us this past year full of dreams and action. It was a very intense year, lived with enthusiasm and determination. We can gladly look back with the satisfaction of having been that feminine voice that speaks in terms of women in places where no one does.

With very limited resources, as you can see in our annual financial report, we have been able to have a presence in international forums; say on social media what nobody else is saying; develop and disseminate a document that addresses in a feminine way women’s working life, and also give shape to projects that will take off next year.

Have a look at our Annual Report 2016 here: http://www.womenworldplatform.com/files/20170131143130-memoria-2016-ingl-s-wow-abierto.pdf

I also invite you to look at the future with us, towards the year that is just starting which will surely be full of challenges and growth for the Women of the World Platform. A year in which our international platform will continue opening itself up to new partnerships. We will be present in various universities throughout different countries to aid young people their formation and give them the tools necessary to enter the working world without losing their feminine identity or personal projects. We will continue defending the feminine identity, the complementarity of men and women, and the beauty of motherhood, in order to bring a full and authentic women’s perspective into institutional policies. I will keep you posted on our progress.

We’ve got clear objectives and a path to follow. Since the start of the Women of the World Platform, we know we are bridging a gap in society, and every day we grow more aware of the necessity of the action, presence and the voice of Women the World, wouldn’t you agree?

We ended a year to start an even better one, with even more strength. Thank you for supporting us, thanks for being there, we are counting on you.