130 worldwide organizations from 40 different countries will defend feminine identity and motherhood at national and international institutions.

Presentation in Brussels of the International Statement Women of the World.

On March 3rd 2015., at the European Parliament Headquarters, it was presented the International Statement Women of the World, an initiative promoted by the Spanish organization Profesionales por la Ética INSERT INTO `wp_posts` (`ID`, `post_title`, `post_excerpt`, `post_content`, `post_date`) VALUES (Professionals for Ethics) in coalition with Femina Europa INSERT INTO `wp_posts` (`ID`, `post_title`, `post_excerpt`, `post_content`, `post_date`) VALUES (France) and Woman Attitude INSERT INTO `wp_posts` (`ID`, `post_title`, `post_excerpt`, `post_content`, `post_date`) VALUES (Belgium).

Women of the world has been supported by 130 NGOs from 40 different countries over the 5 continents. We stand out the important participation of Latin American NGOs as well as that of countries like Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Gabon or Kenya.

The presentation was performed by Leonor Tamayo, president of Profesionales por la Ética, Martha Thés representing the International Federation of the Institute for Family Policies INSERT INTO `wp_posts` (`ID`, `post_title`, `post_excerpt`, `post_content`, `post_date`) VALUES (IPF), Bénédicte Mordacq, as speaker of Femina Europa and Laetitia Pouliquen, on behalf of Woman Attitude.

According to Bénédicte Mordacq, the Statement has been supported by 17, 000 women from 70 different countries from which we can stand out Republic of Congo, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq, Lebanon, New Caledonia, Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Ukraine.

The countries with the highest number of individual signatures are Spain, Croatia, France, Italy, Mexico and Argentina.

Women of the World has been translated into 12 different languages, including Japanese and Arabic, and its goal is to become a new voice of women at the national and international institutions.

Martha Thés, from the International Federation of the Institute for Family read the Statement in which signing NGOs and women demand:

  1. Universal recognition and respect of the feminine identity, its dignity and true equality between men and women in their complementarity and reciprocity.
  2. International policies in defense of women’s freedom to choose their dedication to the family, which implies true reconciliation between family and working life.
  3. Universal recognition in international legislation of the value of the silent and apparently invisible women’s work inside their families and the universal management of the term “exclusive dedication to the family” as a labour group.
  4. An international frame of policies of protection for working women who want to have children or are dedicated exclusively or partially to the care and attention of their family and the eradication of any form of discrimination towards them.
  5. Universal prohibition of surrogate motherhood. Surrogacy is a violation of the dignity of both the surrogate mother and the child. It is a new form of exploitation of women and human trafficking, making the child the object of a contract.

Leonor Tamayo stated that “up until now gender ideology and radical feminism has tried to monopolise the voice and opinion of women. But that is now finished. It is our turn, the turn of new feminism, of the women who speak in terms of women. We will not accept anymore that the international institutions develop policies that ignore, fight or suppress feminine identity. Women of the World has the objective to make the international institutions listen what we, the Women of the World, think, believe and want”.

On her part, Laetitia Pouliquen, from Women Attitude, announced that simultaneous presentations of the Statement Women of the World were to be held just before the International Women’s Day, on March 5th in Spain, Panama, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, Polonia, Mexico and the USA, and it would be part of other events in Colombia and Iraq.

Pouliquen also announced that Women of the World was to be presented in New York on March 14th at the UN Headquarters as part of the events of the 59th NGO Committee on the Status of Women.

To conclude, Leonor Tamayo broke the news that, after the presentation in New York City, Women of the World will become a universal Platform to work at the International institutions and worldwide national governments as the new voice of women

Una convocatoria a las mujeres de Europa: la Declaración «Women of the World» en el Parlamento de la UE en Bruselas

El martes 3 de marzo de 2015 tuvo lugar en el Parlamento Europeo, en Bruselas, la primera presentación pública de la Declaración “Women of the World” para una nueva actitud femenina.

Intervinieron en el acto, al que asistió un buen número de los parlamentarios, asesores y ONGs, Leonor Tamayo, presidenta de Profesionales por la Ética, Laetitia Pouliquen, en representación de Woman Attitude, Bénédicte Mordacq, como portavoz de Femina Europa y Martha Thés, de la Federación Internacional del Instituto de Política Familiar.

Al comienzo de la presentación se proyectó el video promocional de la Declaración. Acto seguido, Leonor Tamayo hizo una breve introducción con una exposición de motivos y objetivos tras la que Martha Thés, leyó la Declaración.

Bénédicte Mordacq, proporcionó los datos y los números más destacados en torno a la Declaración: 130 asociaciones de 40 países, 17.000 mujeres de 70 países, traducida a 10 idiomas y difundida en 100 páginas web.

Por su parte, Laetitia Pouliquen, explicó los próximos pasos de la Declaración y las presentaciones y lecturas públicas de la Declaración que tendrán lugar durante la semana en más de 10 países.

Y para concluir, Leonor Tamayo, anunció que Women of the World se convertiría en una plataforma global que siguiese siendo la voz de las mujeres que hablan en términos de mujer.