We feel a bit helpless, there is little we can do.
to help?..but what we can do, we want to contribute and that is to help you.
to live the quarantine a little better.

Behind closed doors, in your home, there is much that depends on you.
Because the serenity, joy and peace of your family depends to a large extent on
you, as from each of us. And, if you live alone, there is also a lot to be
you can bring to your family and friends.

It is our hope that this quarantine will help us to
all of us to strengthen our families, may we end these days more united,
getting to know each other better and having moments that we will always remember. When
tragedy, our country will need enormous social strength to overcome this tragedy.
We will get through what is to come, and that solidity is given by strong families.

In our smallness and without pretending to give lessons of anything,
we have come up with these 10 tips, 10 ideas that we think can help you. And yes,
you like them, I encourage you to share them so that they can serve as a support to

Do what you always promised your children or your partner that you would do ?when
Let's have time. Fulfill their dreams, which are also yours.

Stick to your schedule but include something new and different for each day.
Reinvent yourself every day.

Outside the door you can do little, but it is up to you to make it a joyful and
serenity of your home. Avoid bad answers and ask for forgiveness. Smile.

4.- Call your distant relatives and those who live alone. Spread joy and

Limit the use of WhatsApp and social networks. Live your own reality.

Don't consume unnecessary information that only dulls you and fills you with anguish.
Get out of the tunnel.

Propose a goal, a project of any kind, with a deadline at the end of the year.
the quarantine and get it over with. Get real.

Talk about other topics, force yourself to talk at home and with friends about something that you don't
be it the coronavirus or the political management of the crisis. Share fresh air.

group sport. It has never been easier and more necessary to do sport with your family and friends.

Strengthen your family today, have a special detail with your partner. Make more
solid foundations, tomorrow you won't have time.