Our new campaign is about men and women, from their brain's operation, which shows how we are and how we relate between sexes. 

The main facts that make a difference between a male and a female brain, and thanks to them we can create a balance are the following: 


?    In the man?s brain, the left hemisphere, the rational one, is more developed than the right one, which is the emotional one. Between these two communication is somewhat poor.

?    That?s why men are more likely to behave in a rationally motivated way.

?    They are less influenced by emotions, thus their lack of expressed affectivity and the difficulty to verbalise feelings.

?    In comparison, the woman?s brain is more symmetrical and the communication between both hemispheres is better.

?    This explains the greater feminine emotivity, how it influences in rational thinking but at the same time eases the expression of feelings and experiences.

?    That?s why women?s perception is more intuitive and more capable of empathy.

?    Men tend to separate and isolate, women usually see everything as a whole.

?    Balance can be achieved by contributing with men?s and women?s qualities, on each side of the scale.

?    Men?s objectivity and rationality, and women?s sensitivity and capacity to personalise, are equally necessary. 

?    Both, head and heart, are equally important.


What do you think?

To spread this campaign our design team made a simple INFOGRAPHICS with all the info, plus a VIDEO... to post and share it all over our social networks!  

I would love you to participate with us during these weeks spreading the infographics, the video and any other material that contributes and sustain this transversal topic in our societies and fight gender ideology.  

Infographics: http://www.womenworldplatform.com/files/20171109171357-1-1eng.jpg

Video: https://youtu.be/avdpVyAMwow