On Valentine's Day we will bring you a letter that expresses what we feel for men, our partners in life. It is a love letter addressed to them, those who accompany us, help us, take care of us, respect us and love us.

To the partner of my life on Valentine's Day

I love you.

I love you when you choose Friday's movie thinking about what I will like, and also when I choose it thinking about you liking it.

I love you when you ask for forgiveness and also when I ask for it.

I love you when you hug me because you see me sad, overwhelmed or worried and also when I am the one who hugs you.

I love you when you get up at night when the little one cries, and also when I get up so I don't wake you up.

I love you, and I like that you look at me in love, I like that you tell me that I look beautiful and that you worry about being dressed up.

I like to take care of myself and dress up for you.

I like it when you open the car door for me, help me put on my coat and wait for me to sit in a restaurant.

And I like it when you send me flowers, invite me to coffee and ask me to dance.

I love you just the way you are, masculine, delicate, loyal, simple, sometimes stunned and maybe a little introverted at other times.

I love you even if sometimes I can't get you to understand me or I can't get you to listen to me as carefully as I would like.

Today I write these lines to you, but every day is our day and every day you make me fall in love.

Fellow traveler, companion of my life, I love you.

This letter will be accompanied by a card for the minister with a very clear message: Leave them alone.

Dear Madam Minister, colleagues in the ministry and associations close to you, 

Men are our traveling companions, the ones who walk with us and the support of our lives. 

They are our husbands, partners, boyfriends... We love them. And to them we dedicate this letter today. They are the other half that completes the circle. 

Stop attacking, singling them out and criminalizing them. 

We will explain it in more detail on March 7. 

Sincerely yours,

Women of the World

 Do you want us to give him a card from you as well? We will take a card on behalf of each of you who ask us to do so. For them you have to fill in this form: