46 associations from all over the world have joined.            



This call has the support of 46 associations from countries such as Spain, Canada, France, Mexico, USA, Colombia and Argentina. among which are Real Women of Canada, Woman Attitude, Femina Europa, National Women's Civic Association, Professionals for Ethics, Citizen Go, etc.


The complete list of member entities is available here:

And events related to the call will be held in Canada, USA, Italy, Argentina and Colombia.

It's time to leave the men alone, #8M has become the day of those who reject equal rights and complementarity between the sexes.seeking to empower women by trampling on men. This confrontation represents an irreparable social gap whose main victim is the family.     


Feminism also has neglected thousands of women who are discriminated against because of their maternity and dedication to their families.and we think about them too.