On the 25th is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

The Women of the World platform joins the frontal rejection of all violence but we refuse to generalize and criminalize men.

We want to make clear our condemnation of violence, a strong demand for full compliance with the penalties for abusers, rapists etc ... and what we understand violence against women and what it implies and how it should be fought.

You can read and download here 10 clear points about violence against women. 

We also understand that it is admissible to defend women by criminalizing men in Western cultures, but to remain silent in the face of the violence rooted in cultures that justify and defend that same violence.

Women, as well as men, are susceptible to this violence. In our case, this violence is often closely linked to the hypersexualization of women and the objectification of their bodies. In other cases, the woman is subject to violence not so much because she is a woman, but because of the family or professional relationship that links her to the aggressor. 

It is important that women denounce and combat the violence that many women suffer, but with a firm and conciliatory message of peace and hope. Knowing and condemning also the violence that many men suffer.