Our Team

Leonor Tamayo

General Coordination

Wife and mother of 10 children: that is what really defines me and makes me who I am. I do not understand the feminine without the masculine nor the full realization of women rejecting their identity and denying motherhood.

Luisa Peña

International Area

I want to thrive as a woman in each and every role I play in life; one of them is to be part of this beautiful initiative. 

Miriam Gómez de Agüero

Coordinator of the Spain Delegation

Young girls need strong role models to understand how important it is to blossom their femininity and to be a woman in all her dimensions.

Cecilia Bravo

USA Delegation Coordinator

Motherhood transcends procreation. It is an inherent part of the feminine identity that expands into the different roles we play in our lives.

Guadalupe Plascencia

Mexico Delegation Coordinator

Promoting female identity seems to me to be one of the actions that most help to humanize society, always in complementarity with men.

María Belén Patrito

Coordinator of the Argentine Delegation

Women are authentic hope in the midst of the contemporary crisis. Her presence, her identity, her vocation, her motherhood, are gifts that we must appreciate, promote and defend, giving them back their true value.