October 2, 2021

In the event of the death of an unborn child

Upon the death of an unborn child, as part of the bereavement support protocol, we ask that parents be given full information on the treatment of the body, burial options, and that bodies NOT be collected in the same containers as surgical remains. Currently the baby's body is collected [...].

September 3, 2021

ARGENTINA - Candidates for the 2021 elections: include these 10 concrete policy proposals to support women and motherhood

We invite you to commit yourself as a citizen and to join the petition to the candidates for the 2021 Argentinean elections to include in their programs 10 concrete policy proposals to support women and motherhood. With your signature you will not only be defending motherhood, but you will also be [...]

7 May 2021

Sign our Mother's Month manifesto and ask your representatives to stand up for Motherhood

Because Motherhood is the best gift! This year to celebrate Mother's Day from Women of the World Platform we wanted to demand the recognition that motherhood deserves at international level, and therefore we launched a manifesto that we ask you to sign: Women of the World Platform and the people below [...]

April 15th, 2020

That teleworking be allowed to continue upon request.

The coronavirus tragedy has changed many things in the way we live and work. Telecommuting has become a health necessity and many companies that had not even considered telecommuting have had to implement it. And we are convinced that teleworking is here to stay. Because [...]

5 November, 2019

Manifesto against the Harassment of Motherhood

On the occasion of the Day against Violence against Women, from Women of the World we condemn all forms of violence, especially that produced within the home, a privileged place for full personal development. And we affirm that there is also another violence, an invisible violence that, nevertheless, affects a great social majority: violence against women.