With the adhesion of 50  associations from all over the world, we celebrated yesterday in the popular Plaza de Chamberí, in Madrid, what we wanted to be an alternative gesture, rebellious, to the radical feminism and confrontation that they want to impose on all of us with the 8M. The slogan of the rally was "Another 8M is possible. Men + Women adding up we win"..

On a beautiful stage, decorated with pink and blue balloons intertwined, different interventions took place, as well as the joint reading of the Manifesto in which radical feminism was accused of meddling through deception and manipulation in people's lives "We want to be women and men, different and complementary, we want equality without privileges or attacks on men". In addition, it was also denounced that discrimination against women today is not for being a woman but for being or being able to be a mother, demanding urgent social and political measures to put an end to maternal mobbing. Some of the representatives of the adhered associations such as Jorge Calandra (Libres para Elegir), Hilda Marques (AcTÚa Familia), Teresa García-Noblejas ( and Miguel Gómez de Agüero (Profesionales por la Ética).




Afterwards, Leonor Tamayo intervened with a forceful but simple and moving speech: "We have come because we refuse to accept the confrontation between men and women. We all have a father, we all have brothers, we all have children or friends and they are not our enemies. They are our companions in this adventure called life." You can read the full speech here:

The rally ended with the formation of a human chain of young men and women wearing pink and blue T-shirts with the slogan WO-MAN. The aim was to symbolize our complementarity and that only together we can achieve higher goals that go beyond our expectations as women and men.

At the end of the chain, a massive balloon release took place.

With the rally we wanted to demand the recognition of the true equality and complementarity of women and men, the cessation of discriminatory attitudes towards our life partners and the defense of motherhood.


Among the associations that have joined the initiative are the Spanish, Enraizados, AcTÚa Familia, Familias Numerosas de Madrid, Abogados Cristianos, Remar, Instituto de Política Familiar, Temps de Dones and Profesionales por la Ética. Among the foreigners, Asociación Cívica Femenina (Mexico), Real Women of Canada (Canada), Femina Europa (France), Moms For America (United States), Pro Mujer y Derechos Humanos (Peru), Hammurabi Human Rights Organization (Iraq) and Woman Attitude (Belgium).

In addition to this event, other events have been held in Mallorca, Colombia, Rome and Buenos Aires, as well as the support of people and families from: Leon, Jaen, Cordoba, Cantabria, USA, Iraq, Mexico, Guatemala and we continue to receive support.