We started a new year and we were thinking together with the whole team, how we wanted to start it. The new year is the time of new resolutions par excellence. It is that time when you close a chapter, with its lights and shadows, and open a new one, blank, waiting to be written. And mistakes come to your mind, those you didn't get to do, what you would do differently or simply what you didn't have time to do.

From Women of the World we encourage you to take a moment to take stock, trying to be as objective as possible, to contemplate the decisions taken in the context in which they were taken and with the information you had at the time. But we also encourage you to make a life plan, a plan of serene resolutions for this new year, centered on love for others, because that is where one's own happiness lies.because there is more joy in giving than in receiving, and because there is more joy in giving than in receiving, and because there is more joy in giving than in receiving.making others happy broadens the soul, fills the heart and makes you grow.

For this reason we would like to share with you 10 tips that we proposed to carry out and that can help you to illuminate this life plan.those new resolutions for this 2022. Read them and try to land your goals in the light of this handful of ideas that are broad enough to be a common framework and concrete enough to be resolutions in themselves:

1.- Give yourself completely to those you love, without measuring or comparing.

2.- Live each moment fully, do well what you have to do.

3.- Enjoy being a mother, sister, daughter... Play, laugh, go on excursions, time flies by!

4.- Make yourself beautiful just for him, take care of your life as a couple.

5.- Take care of your inner life, the one that transcends you and makes you look at the sky.

6.- Climb mountains, ride a bike, run... and if possible, do it with your family or friends.

7.- Be supportive of your friends, take care of them and let them take care of you.

Do not compare yourself with anything or anyone, you are unique.

9.- Cry when you need to, seek refuge and start again.

10.- Smile and be happy making others happy.

Let's go forward! May this 2022 be filled with more lights than shadows and may we, with love, joy, respect and transparency, be lights for those around us.

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