Teleworking will be key to facing the economic and social crisis

The Women of the World platform asks that the telework system put in place not be deactivated in order to help families cope with the crisis that will follow the coronavirus tragedy.

Madrid 20 April 2020

"The tragedy that is orphaning Spain will be followed by a brutal economic crisis.. It will take a lot of effort and hard work to move forward. We do not want this work, which is undoubtedly necessary, to take away from the families. We ask companies not to deactivate the teleworking system that has been implemented and is working, and to offer it to workers on an optional basis."

This is the petition that the Women of the World platform will address to the president of the CEOE, Mr. Antonio Garamendi and the president of Cepyme, Mr. Gerardo Cueva, as well as to a good number of Spanish companies, and to which they invite all citizens to join.

Leonor Tamayo, president of the platform, affirms that teleworking is a step forward in work-life balance, a social and family necessity. According to Tamayo, many hours are lost in commuting, especially in large cities, many families could live in cheaper and quieter areas if teleworking were a permanent reality, thus generating a higher purchasing power, there are many days when there are no schools but it is a working day and it is necessary to telework, and there are many elderly people who need occasional help during the day or receive visits from their children more often.

For the platform, families are growing stronger in this crisis and the bonds between generations are strengthening, which is why, appeal to corporate social responsibility so that this strengthening is not lost. and not return to endless working hours, absurd schedules and the impossibility of spending the necessary and desired time at home and with children and grandparents.

The platform calls for the option of teleworking is offered to all workers whose work performance allows using it, both partially and totally, understanding that the compliance and respect of the flexible working day will be demanded by both parties: "With this campaign we want to ask employers and the ministry to urge companies to continue using, when possible and when requested by the worker, a tool that is already working," says Tamayo.

This is the link to the petition: