Since the coronavirus tragedy began, many things have changed in the way we live and work. Companies that had not even considered telecommuting have had to implement it.

For many of us, teleworking, taking care of the children, their schoolwork and homework, has been a challenge, often almost impossible, many of us have worked more than before or have suffered from not respecting schedules. But we have done it. And, above all, a working method has been put in place that has worked under exceptional circumstances. But once the situation has been normalized, it is a step forward at a social and family level.

When this is over and the children go back to school and we go back to the office, there will be days when we need to be at home and organize our schedules according to specific family needs: when a child gets sick, when it is not a school day but a working day, when there is a school function or tutorials, when the grandparents are ill and we have to do the shopping and help them...

Then, the implementation of teleworking will give us the peace of mind that we have not had so many times, it will allow us to manage our schedules according to our circumstantial needs, to take advantage of the time we lose in commuting .... Today, teleworking is possible, and necessary. Telecommuting is here to stay.

We ask that the system that has been put in place not be deactivated and that workers be allowed to telework when they need to or freely wish to avail themselves of this option.The working day will always be flexible and respected by both parties, so that work can be made compatible with family needs at any given time, but also complying with the demands and the work commitment.

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