Last Friday, March 22, our representative Miriam Gómez de Agüero, participated in the HO Family, Life and Freedom Meeting in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz). It was a pleasure to coincide there with other participants such as the former judge and Andalusian deputy Francisco Serrano, the lawyer Antonia Alba and the psychopedagogue Amelia Bueno.

During her speech, Miriam spoke about female identity, the value of motherhood and complementarity with men, condemning all types of domestic violence and denouncing the discrimination suffered by women in the workplace for being or wanting to be a motherwhat we know as mobbing maternal.

He also had the opportunity to talk about our demonstration on March 10, "En femenino sí y en masculino también" (Yes for women and yes for men too).as an alternative to 8M and to a radical feminism of struggle and confrontation with men. From Women of the World, we recognize the differences between men and women and we refuse to be made to believe that one sex is better or worse than the other.

We want to be allowed to be fully women, and to be able to live and enjoy our femininity, and we want men to be able to be fully men. That is why, at the meeting, we defended that women have the freedom to decide about their studies, work or time to devote to their familiesWe have to face the privileges and quotas they impose on us.

Women have been silenced and silenced by a feminism that is not representing all women. The real issues facing women today are not being championed. That is why we will continue to work on this exciting work.

Our thanks to Hazteoír for the invitation and preparation of the event, and we hope it can be repeated.