On the occasion of Valentine's Day last year 14 FebruaryFrom the Women of the World platform, we sent cards to the male Members of the European Parliament.

Yes, they were romantic cards congratulating them on Valentine's Day because in WoW we love men as they are, and we will never tire of saying it.

In them we asked them to continue with their parliamentary work defending complementarity, maternity and the family, but above all we showed them our support to accompany them on this hard road, because even though they are different from us, they are our equals, our companions.

We encouraged them to be men proud to live their masculinity with courage, in a world in which they are singled out for doing so. This world that rejects the complementarity between the sexes, and the necessary harmonious coexistence of men and women for the better development of our society.

In addition, this congratulation was extended from the Spanish delegation of the platform to the deputies of the Spanish Congress, receiving very affectionate responses from some deputies who praised and were interested in the work of our platform.