The 15th of October is the celebration of the world stillbirth and perinatal death awareness day. And we are achieving our goals:

  • We have already presented the written request in the Community of Madrid, in the Junta de Andalucía and in Catalonia.. And we know of other associations that have also presented it, as well as a good number of individuals.
  • Social networks are echoing our petitionespecially on Instagram, where a large group of mothers have joined in. It is not just a question of a specific number of signatures, but of being present on social networks and in the media.
  • We have already arranged andnterviews with the health spokespersons of the different parliamentary groups in Andalusia. In Madrid and Valencia we are also working to move forward with the proposal that has already taken shape.

To be able to say goodbye to a child who dies before birth, to know that he or she does not end up in a bin of ?surgical waste? and to have the accompaniment and empathy in perinatal bereavement from hospital staff is a real need that the vast majority of families have felt. And we we are giving a real, tangible answer with a perfectly viable proposal.


We have drawn from the depths of mothers' hearts a silent cry to give it voice.