On this February 14th we celebrate Valentine's Day, remembering the people we love. We often see how many stores and businesses promote and sell all kinds of gifts to express that affection, but like any physical gift these things do not last forever. That is why, from Women of the World we want to share with you some not so common (and much cheaper) gift ideas so that you can express your affection. to the people around you in your daily life.

Some of these gestures may seem very simple on the surface, but they have a great impact not only for the person receiving them, but also for the giver. Here are some examples:

  1. Listen carefully to the person who is speaking to you.
  2. Yield to the other car while driving.
  3. Show a smile even if you've had a tough day.
  4. Open our hearts to new friendships.
  5. Calling your friend just to see how she is doing.
  6. Collaborate in household chores.
  7. Visit your parents or call them on the phone.
  8. Open the doors of our home to those in need.
  9. Correct gently, but without fear.
  10. Celebrate the successes of others.
  11. Greet with joy those you see on a daily basis.

That we do not let this day pass without having a detail with someone close to us and tell them that we care and love them.

From the WoW Team we wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!