We are currently at the UN, the epicenter of the world?s most relevant encounter about women to expose issues, discuss solutions and negotiate a joint document adopted by the country members on topics that affect directly to us, women, indirectly to family and as a result to society.

Th- e sixty-first session of the Commission on the Status of Women opened last Monday March 13th and it is focused on ?women?s economic empowerment in the changing world of work? bringing together thousands of women representing civil society, international organizations and governments of every part of the world. So we had to be there?!

Briefly I will tell you the most interesting things that happened during this first week:

           -          The first day we attended a Side event on reconciliation work-family life organized by Turkey in which the MP Ay?e Do?an stated that women have a huge impact not only in the economy but also in the family life. On one hand Gülser Ustao?lu. DG of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy mentioned that Turkish women are entitled to work part-time on a full basis salary during six months after maternal leave. On the other hand the DG of the Ministry of Labor spoke about the ?Grandmother Project? to support financially elder women who take care of their grandchildren.

           -          Likewise ILO?s representative said that measures such as telecommuting or flexible hours are becoming fashionable because of technology, and Randi Davis UNPD?s manager indicated that the feminine re-entry into the workforce after a professional pause must be accompanied by vocational and training programs.

           -          Due to the storm Stella that hit New York City on Tuesday all CSW activities were suspended, despite this, some parallel events were celebrated like the one of the coalition Stop Surrogacy Now against wombs for rent, coordinated by Jennifer Lahl, and which thanks to Facebook live streaming we could watch and listen to testimonies of surrogate mothers who have been victims of this reproductive exploitation, and also to the experts on this field.

           -          On Wednesday we had the pleasure of participating in a special high level event on the key role of family for the protection and prevention of human trafficking coordinated by Center for Family and Human Rights INSERT INTO `wp_posts` (`ID`, `post_title`, `post_excerpt`, `post_content`, `post_date`) VALUES (C-Fam). What made this event so striking was that natural family was addressed openly skipping the UN's status quo in a space for more than 500 people, becoming a huge success.

           -          Hungary shined on Thursday, H.E. Katalin Bogyay consider herself a juggler for being ambassador, mother and wife at the same time and she thinks we need feminine role models that encourage us to achieve our full potential in the workplace and the family. Therefore she brought together a distinguished panel of real women as Judit Polgár, chess champion, or Verónica Berti, wife and manager of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation.

           -          However the surprise came at the end of the week, by chance I saw in the agenda a parallel event titled ?Mothers create value, but are not valued? promoted by Haro Sweden and the European Federation for Parents and Carers at Home? We share a 100% on the defense of feminine identity!

All the pictures and the videos of the last two events you can find them on our social networks, I assure you they are worth watching. You can also see them at our Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/133170518@N08/albums/72157681713118185.

 I am very happy that all that has been spoken along this week through different voices is gaining momentum in favor of a women?s perspective, feminine identity and the value of motherhood.

Thank you for reading, following and supporting us. I advance you that next week we?ll get even better as I will present our MANIFESTO FOR A SOCIAL AND PRODUCTIVE CHANGE in terms of women in the name of all the signatories within two events, a parallel one on Monday and a Side event on Wednesday. 

And remember  you are still in time to sign it!. You can do it here: http://action.womenworldplatform.com/en/act/httpwwwwomenworldplatformcomennews64social-and-political-leaders-over-the-world-in-favour-of-a-pro-women-change-in-the-labour-market