I know you consider March 8th to be a meaningless date, or the fact that the International Women's Day exists simply does not add anything to your life. And you are probably right.

However, a year ago we decided to take advantage of this date to say out loud what it means to be a woman and a mother. We agree that a specific name doesn't give content to a date, but since the entire world will be talking about women, then you and I have something to say. And if we want to be heard, we need to speak today and keep repeating it throughout the year.

The thousands of women around the world who have been giving life and shape to the Women of the World Global Platform during the last year will not stop reiterating that we want to speak and live in terms of women. Also, that we want to live our feminine identity fully and complementarily with men and that our role as women and mothers must be respected and valued. Our society needs our femininity just as much as it needs the masculinity of men. Together we do better.

This past year we have participated in the most important international forums; if you remember we were at the UN in New York and in Geneva, we went to the European Parliament and the OAS and we have brought forward fantastic promotion campaigns on femininity and the defense of the dignity of women and the value of motherhood.

You can be certain that we will keep helping you to make the world recognize you as a woman so that it appreciates the contribution you make in society and at work. We will enforce your commitment to your family as a social good that can even have a positive value in the workplace.

The Women of the World Platform is on your side, raising the voices of women speaking in terms of women in international events and national policies. We are committed to you so you can say #IamAWoman #IamAMother out loud.

We are also counting on you.

This project is yours and mine; it belongs to all women. Help us to grow in number and strength. We need a strong team to lift the voice of women and mothers on every place on the planet. We need support, even with small gestures. That is why I ask you to spread this letter asking your contacts to join the Women of the World Platform. They can do it by clicking here and we will share with them our proposals, petitions, projects and ideas... We will all keep shaping Women of the World.

The Women of the World Platform, the voice of women who speak in terms of women, listens to what you have to say. Join us.

 To join the Women of the World Platform, click herehttp://www.womenworldplatform.com/en/sign