In many countries Father's Day is celebrated on these dates. There are a thousand reasons to thank them. And we have prepared a video that summarizes some of them

  • Thank you for believing in me and supporting me in my projects.
  • Thank you for giving me the example of the qualities I should look for in a man.
  • Thank you for teaching me how to do things right.
  • Thank you for teaching me to see life from another perspective.
  • Thank you for always reminding me of my potential and that my dreams have no limit.
  • Thank you for giving me your free time and rest.

Thanks also to our husbands in their role as fathers:

  • Thank you for the daily effort you make for our family.
  • Thank you for the love you show with actions and gestures.
  • Thank you for always showing us that the most important thing in your life is us, your family.
  • Thank you for your generosity and for always being there for us.
  • Thank you for your courage to love me forever.