#8M In Females Yes and in Males Also

Demonstration on March 10 in Madrid

From Ópera to Sol


During the last few years we have suffered from a misappropriation of the concept of woman and all that is associated with it by a current driven by radical feminist lobbies, some media and political parties. This new "culture" has imposed itself on social thought, introducing itself without limits and crushing any insubordination to the dogmas of feminism and gender.

The new postulates of feminism respond to a model of women and society that only some share but that is being imposed in a cultural battle where there is no other alternative.. The confrontation between women and men is the dialectical basis for the supposed promotion of women.

Feminism and machismo are terms that today imply contempt for the opposite sex, struggle and confrontation.

And in parallel, has been cornered until it has become non-existent, a vision of women that is different but complementary to that of men.The law is the same for him, but endowed with a different nature and with different needs.

Motherhood is pushed into a corner. In the workplace, women are discriminated against for being mothers, the added value that motherhood brings to the curriculum is not valued, and there is no commitment to a true work-life balance. mobbing maternal is an ignored reality. It is even intended that in the home itself the value of motherhood and exclusive dedication to the family is annulled, and those who have chosen that option are condemned to social death and have become invisible women.

It is necessary to propose to society a new feminine approach far removed from ideological approaches and that it is called to face the cultural battle and impose itself by its realism, its capacity to recognize the truth of human nature and to give practical answers to the real challenges of women in the 21st century.

For this reason, and as kilometer zero of this road to undertake, We call for this demonstration linked to March 8, which will take place on Sunday, March 10 in Madrid, with a spirit, objectives and staging very different from those that have accompanied in recent years the celebrations of "Women's Day".

We are laying the first stones of a building and we know that its construction will require years of persevering effort. But it is important to take this first step, to recruit the first volunteers for this great battle that is being played not only in the streets but also in the minds of citizens, especially young people and children.

A MANIFESTATION In Females Yes and in Males Too

 A demonstration

 Going out into the street to express a politically incorrect truth means having taken a decision to overcome the fear of single thinking and the consequences that dissenting may have. It means courage, a virtue especially linked to the woman we want to proclaim.

Up to Puerta del Sol 

Because of the significance of the kilometer zero from which we want to reach every corner of Spain and the world. We know that we are making history and we want this event to be a before and after in the development of women.

Sunday, March 10th

because Sunday is a day especially linked to the family. It thus vindicates the value of so many women who reconcile as best they can and suffer daily the frustration of not being able to reach everything. And also that of invisible women who have chosen to devote themselves entirely to their family or who, with the structure of the labour market, have no options for reconciling work and family. Demonstrating on Sundays means that this battle for women today is fought not only by women but also by men, children, parents, families, the whole of society.

It also means that this struggle and our mobilization comes out of our free time, which is neither financed by official bodies, nor with public funds, nor promoted by subsidized associations.

We claim, affirm and celebrate femininity, motherhood, complementarity and family.

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