Manifesto for social and productive change for women

Looking at the world of work from the perspective of a woman and a mother.

We, the undersigned politicians, social leaders and entities, declare that:

-Motherhood is discriminated against in the West today.. The fact of being mothers - or having the intention of being one - means that many women today are left behind in the world of work.

-The massive incorporation of women into the world of work has been done ignoring their femininity, turning their backs on the professional stages that motherhood is drawing in their lives and denying the human and social value of dedication to the family.

- In order to recover the full identity of women also at work, it is necessary to a change in the social culture and the productive model in which the economic rationality is not separated from the person and is recognize to the family as the basis and foundation of society.

This is essential: 

1.- A TRUE AND POSITIVE CONCILIATIONThis positive work-life balance will allow women and men to care for and educate their children. This positive reconciliation involves making working hours more flexible, preserving reduced working hours, promoting teleworking and work by objectives by means of tax incentives in social security contributions for companies that develop them.

2.- THE LEGAL, SOCIAL AND CULTURAL RECOGNITION OF EXCLUSIVE DEDICATION TO THE FAMILY entailing an immense source of wealth and social welfare, even quantifiable economically through GDP. Not recognizing it institutionally entails social discrimination. For this reason:

             -          The exclusive dedication to the family must be recognized as employment status with access to social security, medical leave and retirement. 

             -          You must to promote the reincorporation of women who, due to their dedication to their families, have been out of the labour market. This must be done in a subsidiary manner by the state through tax advantages and incentives and in social security contributions. Greater attention should be paid to the cases of women who are in a situation of special vulnerability, such as single, widowed or separated mothers.

 3DENOUNCING AND ACTIVELY PURSUING ANY PROVEN DISCRIMINATORY GESTURE TOWARDS WOMEN AND MOTHERHOOD.. This includes discrimination against working women who have children or want to have them, those who dedicate themselves exclusively to the care and attention of their families and those who are victims of the wage gap or access to certain jobs.

 4.- THE ELIMINATION OF SOCIAL POLICIES BASED ON IDEOLOGICAL CRITERIA AS WELL AS OF EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMES WHO DO NOT RESPECT FEMALE IDENTITY AND MOTHERHOOD. In particular, the gender perspective imposed in the educational, business and media spheres does not reflect reality, but rather manipulates it, leading to the exclusion of the broad collective. 


Manifesto for a social and productive change in terms of women

759 signatures = 76% of goal