Next November 25th is the World Day against Violence against Women. We, like you, condemn all types of violence, but there is one type of violence that goes unnoticed and yet affects a large majority of women: it is the violence against motherhood, with discrimination and harassment. An anti-birth violence that takes place especially, and in a more pronounced way, in the work environment, is the so-called maternal mobbing  which 63% of Spanish women suffer and which causes a lot of intense suffering because it not only affects her but also her family.

This silent violence occurs in society, in politics and in taxation. Our environment rejects motherhood and pushes women to reject it as well, causing personal frustration and depression.

The latest INE survey, published in 2019, indicates that 3 out of 4 women would like to have at least 2 children. But they have not been able to have them.

Do you sign the  Manifesto Against the Harassment of Motherhood? you can read it below

We are going to collect signatures and deliver to the Ministry of Equality and Employment a Manifesto that highlights this violence against motherhood and demands the immediate adoption of concrete measures.

And we are also going to bring them some of the testimonies that you are sending us. Because if we don't tell them, they don't know, and if they don't know, nothing is done.

Surely you know someone who has been affected in some way by this violence. Because she let herself be dragged down and did not want to have children and now mourns it in silence, or perhaps because she has suffered maternal mobbing or you simply can't afford to have more children because there is no fiscal and social policy to help you. Maybe you're even that person yourself?

Sign here the Manifesto against the Harassment of Motherhood and share it with your contacts.

It is one more step in this long-distance race that, with your help, we are going to win.

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 Manifesto against the Harassment of Motherhood

On the occasion of the Day against Violence against Women, from Women of the World condemn all forms of violenceespecially that produced within the home, a privileged place for full personal development.

And we affirm that there is also another violence, an invisible violence that nevertheless affects a large social majority: violence against motherhood. For this reason,

We affirm that:

  1. Women are not discriminated against today, in the West, because she is a woman but because she is, or can be, a mother.


  1. Motherhood - the family after all- is undervalued in the workplace that lives with its back turned to the vital reality of the workers. This leads to a high degree of personal frustration and a very serious drop in the birth rate, which, in the case of Spain, has reached 30 % in the last decade.[1].
  1.   Motherhood allows the development of human skills that are a plus in personal development and the performance of the professional career.The temporary damage that a maternity leave may cause is not taken into account.
  1. A very high percentage of women, the 63% in the case of the Spanish ones[2]has suffered harassment at work because they are mothers.
  1. Exclusive dedication to the family is also a cause of discrimination against women on the grounds of maternity. now which is condemned to social death and its invaluable contribution as a social engine is systematically ignored.


And we demand:

  1. Legislative recognition of maternity harassment (maternal mobbingas a specific form of employment discrimination against women on the grounds of maternity as proposed by the European Parliament Resolution of 11 September 2018[3].
  1. Taking the necessary measuresto prevent labour discrimination due to maternity and to favour the recognition of the family as a social, personal and professional benefit. Some of our proposals are:
  • Promotion and tax incentives for flexible working hours real and intensive working hours, teleworking, part-time contracts and reduced working hours.
  • Have at your disposal 24 hours a year for family matters without justification.
  • Promotion and incentives for the creation of day-care centres in the workplace.
  • Extension of maternity benefit up to week 24 to facilitate the WHO recommendations on the importance of breastfeeding during the first 6 months of a baby's life.
  • Compliance with the constitutional principle of tax contribution according to capacity, which requires weighting taking into account children and per capita income.
  1. The creation of a register of persons with exclusive dedication to the family. that grants eligible receivables for retirement and sick leave purposes sickness and maternity leave, as requested by the European Parliament in the resolution of 13 June 2016[4]and that would also translate into tax reductions for companies that hire those who have them in order to encourage their reincorporation into working life.






[3] Para 39 of the Resolution of 11 September 2018 on measures to prevent and combat sexual and psychological harassment in the workplace, in public spaces and in political life in the Union: P8_TA(2018)0331.

[4]  Calls on the Member States to introduce "care credits", through labour and social security legislation, for both sexes in the form of equivalent periods during which pension entitlements can accrueto protect those who have temporarily left the labour market to provide unpaid informal care for dependants or family members and to recognise the value to society as a whole of the work of these carersEuropean Parliament resolution of 13 June 2016 on creating favourable conditions on the labour market for reconciling private and professional life (A8-0253/2016, paragraph 34)