March 8, 2019, International Working Women's Day

  • On 8 March we would like to remember with satisfaction the women who are part of the Armed Forces and the State Security Forces and Corps, and those who dedicate their professional activity to the strategic community, including study and analysis centres, associations, academic initiatives and initiatives to promote a culture of security and defence.
  • Defence and the political community imply a shared attitude and values that are expressed in the love for the homeland, so we wish to recognize those women who embody the spirit of sacrifice, discipline, bravery, honour, comradeship and the spirit of service for the common good of Spain.
  • However, we note that on this date women are once again reduced to a number and a day, translated into rivalry or demanding parity based on numbers, which aims to compensate for a statistic. Equality in numbers is not the same as equality. The Women, Peace and Security agenda encourages the involvement of women in conflict resolution and military operations. In the security domains, as the whole system is mission-oriented, we believe that the real challenge should be equity and complementarity, not equal numbers in posts and units. We believe that a gender quota will not improve defence policies or achieve results in international missions, as these depend on a team and capabilities, not on partisan measures.
  • We, along with many other women committed to spreading the culture of Defence, believe that women should not be a figure or a percentage on a political agenda. Women are also mothers and this date should not only be about claiming labour rights and a hidden struggle against men, omitting the gift of motherhood and the hard work involved in forming and caring for a family, which is the future of society. We contemplate, once again, how the political narrative about women remains alien to the reality of Defence, with very little understanding of social action in the Armed Forces. A symptom of this is the problems that have arisen with the reconciliation and operations abroad.
  • On this date it is appropriate to remember the women who carry out commendable professional work and also the others who remain in the shadows, those who contribute to the success of the mission by guaranteeing stability through another type of sacrifice. They are educated, trained women, the vast majority of whom are housewives (unpaid), most of them followers of their husbands' profession with the constant changes of assignment, absences for manoeuvres and long missions. Women who only appear in the photo when a famous politician bids farewell or receives a displaced contingent, or when there is a funeral for a fallen person. They, all of them, are part of the mission and make Spain great.

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