85,000 citizens signed WoW campaign - 85.000 ciudadanos apoyaron la campaña de WoW - 85,000 citizens signed WoW campaign

The motion for a European Parliament resolution on the EU post-2015 strategy for equality between women and menby the German Social Democratic MEP Maria Noichlwas adopted by 341 votes in favour, 281 against and 81 abstentions. A black day for Europe.

The Noichl Report represents the imposition of the most radical postulates of gender ideology in the EU countries, thus making it clear that the feminism and gender ideology are the new ideological dogmas. The report also seriously violates the principle of subsidiarity and thus undermines the foundations of the European Union. 

The European Parliament has adopted the FEMM Report on the Strategy for equality between women and men post-2015INSERT INTO `wp_posts` (`ID`, `post_title`, `post_excerpt`, `post_content`, `post_date`) VALUES (341 votes + 281- and 81 abstentions) presented by Maria Noichl. MEPs have also rejected the alternative report offered by the EPP. 

Black day for Europe.

The text, under the pretext of ?equality? between men and women, imposes the most radical gender ideology claims over the member States of the European Union, thus making clear that feminism and gender ideology are the political left?s new ideological dogmas.  It also violates the subsidiarity principle enshrined in the article 5.2 of the EU Treaty.

The Noichl Report includes various radical measures including the offering of a roadmap for LGBT people INSERT INTO `wp_posts` (`ID`, `post_title`, `post_excerpt`, `post_content`, `post_date`) VALUES (§2), support for gender mainstreaming INSERT INTO `wp_posts` (`ID`, `post_title`, `post_excerpt`, `post_content`, `post_date`) VALUES (§§ 7, 76), and promoting medically-assisted reproduction INSERT INTO `wp_posts` (`ID`, `post_title`, `post_excerpt`, `post_content`, `post_date`) VALUES (§59) and abortion INSERT INTO `wp_posts` (`ID`, `post_title`, `post_excerpt`, `post_content`, `post_date`) VALUES (§§ 52, 68, 72).