Our first tea party turned out to be a success. It was a great experience to be able to talk about the ideas and projects that we are so excited about because we know that they are key pieces in the change of direction that society needs.

We share our best momentsthose campaigns and actions that represent us the most and have contributed the most added value.

And we tell you what they are our next projectsa campaign on maternal mobbing of great socio-political impact, the recognition of exclusive dedication to the family by means of a registry that provides computable credits for sick leave and retirement, the existence of a informed consent for spontaneous abortions that allows women to decide what to do with the fetus, forthcoming issues of themed snacksthe University Foruma beautiful project on femininity: A Thousand Ways to Be a Woman and the implementation of our project of  Start Up for mothers who want to re-enter the world of work.

We also explain how you can collaborate more actively with us.

This link you have the presentation 

Of course the best part was the snack at the end, we were able to share ideas, proposals, experiences and, above all, get to know each other.

After the summer we will have our first themed picnic. We have to improve a lot of things, but you learn how to walk by walking!