These are our 8M: the 8 Lies we denounce, the 8 Motives that move us to act, the Measures we demand and the 8 Ways we want to do it.

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We claim, affirm and celebrate femininity, motherhood, complementarity and family.


OUR 8M: 8 Lies + 8 Motives + 8 Measures + 8 Ways


8     Lies that we denounce


  1. It is a lie that there is no difference between the sexes beyond the socially imposed ones.
  2. It is a lie that there is no female identity and that women play the same role as men.
  3. It is a lie that because they have suffered discrimination throughout history, women today deserve positive discrimination and a quota system that gives them equal opportunities.
  4. It is a lie that women can only be fulfilled if they work outside the home.
  5. It is a lie that job discrimination, the wage gap and unequal opportunities are the result of a patriarchal and sexist society.
  6. It is a lie that women are always victims and men are always violent and potential abusers.
  7. It is a lie that women should be able to rent their bodies for profit.
  8. It is a lie that the fight for women's rights and real equality needs state funding and subsidies in order to be effective and to break down sexist structures.


8     Motives that move us to act

  1. Because society loses half when it does not recognize the enriching complementarity and reciprocity between men and women. Men are our allies and partners, those who complete the circle.
  2. Because we women want to be, in all areas, what we are: women.
  3. Because what we need is equity and not privilege.
  4. Because society, politics and the world of work must recognise and value dedication to the family and dependent persons.
  5. Because women are discriminated against in the world of work for being mothers, not for being women. It is necessary to confront the mobbing maternal.
  6. Because we reject all violence against women and domestic violence, whether against women, children, the elderly or men.
  7. Because we want the dignity of women and their bodies to be respected.
  8. Because budgets should help women in situations of special vulnerability (battered, pregnant women without resources, with dedication to the family, dependent people...) and not to finance ideological chiringuitos.

8     Measures that we demand


  1. We demand the elimination of ideological gender laws that do not respect or recognize female identity and the complementarity of the sexes.
  2. We demand the elimination of quotas and positive discrimination.
  3. We demand flexible working hours, teleworking, intensive working hours and part-time contracts.
  4. We demand social visibility and political recognition of the exclusive dedication to the family and dependent persons.
  5. We demand legislative recognition of the mobbing Maternity leave as a specific form of employment discrimination against women on the grounds of maternity.
  6. We demand presumption of innocence, justice and equality in the face of domestic violence. And ruthless justice for stalkers, rapists and murderers.
  7. We demand that women's bodies should not be traded: an effective ban on surrogate motherhood and the prosecution of sexual exploitation.
  8. We demand the suspension of funding for the gender business and that it be used to help the most vulnerable women.

8 Ways to do so

  1. Recognizing the differences.
  2. With tenderness and sensitivity.
  3. Through objective dialogue.
  4. Proudly being a woman.
  5. Empathetically understanding the implications of motherhood.
  6. Guarding the family.
  7. Finding each other as allies.
  8. Channelling efforts to what is truly necessary.