This year we will once again be taking to the streets on March 7, in Madrid, to claim complementarity.

We will hold a WOMEN'S DAY different, because Women + Men, adding up we win and we understand that another 8M is possible.

We seek to bring together all women, men and families who want to want to break with supremacist feminism and the gender ideology on which it is based, It is time for them to leave us alone!

Radical feminism, before the passivity of many, has taken over this date and has turned 8M into a day of rejection of femininity and masculinity, also seeking confrontation between men and women. We are tired of this manipulation, which destroys the identity of women and men. JWe are enriched and reach much further. So we, on the contrary, we propose to celebrate, affirm and vindicate this alliance of men and women.

On March 7 we will take to the streets to demand:

    • The recognition of a true equality, differentiating between the female identitywith its specific features, of its complementary the male one.
    • The vindication of the differential and non-interchangeable roles of father and mother.
    • The cessation of discrimination against men, who are continually singled out and victims of a culture of privilege for women that results in a confrontation between the two sexes.
  • The defense of motherhood, which today is a cause of discrimination against women in the West, leading to intolerable situations of harassment, especially in the workplace.

The concentration will be on March 7 at 12.00 hrs.

Let us not be fooled Women + Men adding together we win.