Last September 30 we started a round of meetings with politicians to deal exclusively with 'maternal mobbing' with concrete requests and proposals. We do not want to meet with politicians for the photo, neither ours nor theirs, we want meetings with quantifiable and reviewable objectives. And this is how we are setting out our roadmap.

At the headquarters of the Partido Popular, we met with the deputy Carmen Navarro and the secretary of Equality, Mª Mar Blanco.

We presented our report and put concrete actions and proposals on the table:

- We have a project for a conference in the Congress of Deputies to give visibility to the problem and seek solutions.

-We have also asked that the concept and the topic be introduced in all forums and work sessions where equality, women, conciliation, etc., are discussed.

-And finally, we believe that this problem must be worked on together with the business world and we proposed a working meeting with the main business associations and entities.

You can read the full report on Mobbing Marernal here: