The Mexican delegation of this platform launched the campaign ?6 proposals in support of motherhood for the June 6th?.

The 6 proposals were sent via email to all candidates for a federal deputation in the 2021 electoral process, in order to know if, if elected, they would commit to make legislative changes or public policy proposals in support of motherhood. The document sent justifies the reasons for each of the proposals.

Measures for the reconciliation of family and work.

  1. Granting of an allowance for birth and for a child under 3 years of age to mothers in poverty.
  2. Extension of maternity leave to 24 weeks.
  3. The defense and protection of women against any proven discriminatory gesture or harassment of any kind for being, or wanting to be, a mother.
  4. The creation of a register of people with exclusive dedication to the family and dependent persons.
  5. The obligatory nature of protocols for care in the event of gestational and perinatal death.

Supporting the proposals will benefit the 35.2 million women who are mothers in Mexico (according to INEGI's 2020 Census).

Six candidates for federal deputies pledged to support the maternity, by sending photographs with the signature of the document, as well as three candidates for local deputies who knew the proposals and decided to adhere.

In addition, some deputies expressed their support for the proposals even though they did not send their signed document.

This exercise leaves several reflections, among them that it is important to increase the interest of the candidates and the level of response to the citizen proposals; the total lack of interest of some political parties, since the candidates who responded belong to only two parties; and she reiterated that they will contact the deputies once elected, since it is urgent to continue working in favor of maternity, to have better conditions to reconcile family and work, to prevent and punish discrimination on grounds of maternity and to return the social, family and labor value that this has.

The document with the proposals is available at