On Wednesday, April 24, we met with Ms. Rocío Rodríguez Prieto, Director of the Women's Institute to present our policy proposals and seek possible avenues of collaboration.

It is undeniable that there are many points on which we do not agree, and with total frankness both she and we have raised it in the meeting, so we wanted to focus the objective of the meeting to find the common points, objectives and ways that unite us. And it was perfectly possible.

Among the issues raised were the question of maternal mobbing, discrimination against motherhood in the workplace, the need to make visible the exclusive dedication to the family and the creation of a protocol that includes informed consent to a spontaneous abortion so that it receives the appropriate treatment for the mortal remains of a human being.

All these proposals have been received with great interest by Ms. Rocío Rodríguez and we are convinced that some important steps will be taken.

We sincerely appreciate your cordiality, your time and interest, as well as your sincerity in those points of disagreement without false formalities or empty words.