The sixty-first session of the Commission on the Status of Women INSERT INTO `wp_posts` (`ID`, `post_title`, `post_excerpt`, `post_content`, `post_date`) VALUES (#CSW61) has come to an end and I have very good news for you that happened during this second week.


ü  I presented the Manifesto for a social and productive change in terms of women INSERT INTO `wp_posts` (`ID`, `post_title`, `post_excerpt`, `post_content`, `post_date`) VALUES (#WoW4Change) on two occasions within different types of events:


1.      Young, Women, Professionals and Mothers?, parallel event ?which means it is organized by an NGO around CSW meetings? sponsored by Builds Regional Observatory for Women in Latin America and the Caribbean AC. A hundred copies of the Manifesto where distributed among the public. You can watch the intervention here: INSERT INTO `wp_posts` (`ID`, `post_title`, `post_excerpt`, `post_content`, `post_date`) VALUES (14min):


2.     "The Critical Role of Mothers: valuing the unpaid work of women in the home.", side event ?it is held inside the UN premises and it?s organized by a Member State? sponsored by Saint Lucia, UN Family Rights Caucus, Azzahrae Moroccan Women?s Forum and our platform. As Women of the World Statement does not go out of fashion I was asked to read it and also distribute one hundred copies. The video promo of the Manifesto was screened and after that our platform and its statement. You can watch it here: INSERT INTO `wp_posts` (`ID`, `post_title`, `post_excerpt`, `post_content`, `post_date`) VALUES (9min):


ü  We made strategic contacts and gave them our 10 Political Proposals: ?I am a woman, I am a mother? with our Annual Report 2016 to important figures from the political, diplomatic and social sphere such as:

-       Hon. Sarah Flood-BeaubrunMinister of Finance, Economic Growth, Job Creation, External Relations and Public Service of Saint Lucia.

-       S.E. Orsolya Pacsay-TomassichSecretary of State for International and Youth Affairs and Human Capacities of Hungary.

-       S.E. Akinremi BolajiAmbassador of the Permanent Mission of Nigeria.

-       Ms Nancy SihlwayiMember of the Executive Council of Eastern Cape, South Africa.

-       Ms Nicoleen PeckPresident of Worldwide Organization for Womenbased in USA.

-       Ms Mary Elizabeth StewartVice-president general of the World Union of Catholic Women Organizations.

-       Ms Madeleine WallinVice-president of the European Federation of Parents and Carers at Home.

-       Ms Jane MunroNational and International Secretary of the Catholic Women?s League, Australia

ü  A side event which is worth mentioning is the one sponsored by the Holy See about The Distinctiveness of Woman?s Work and her empowerment? where the principles we defend were deeply developed by high standard speakers such as Mary Rice Hasson, Director of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, who spoke about women?s empowerment through work in light of her feminine dignity; and Andrea Picciotti-Bayer, lawyer, mother of ten children, whose speech was women?s integral perfection in and through her Work in capital letters. 


ü  Lastly, the agreed conclusions in the outcome document ?published in an advanced unedited version? of this session were very positive keeping in mind that gender ideology has much influence in this international body since Beijing and Cairo, but for the first time in many years the adopted text has not abundant progressive language, we highlight the following key points:


                                    -          Recognized forms of discrimination against women, in particular in the world of work, including their participation and access to labour markets, inter alia, are discrimination based on pregnancy and motherhood. Therefore it is necessary to take appropriate measures to ensure that women throughout their lifecycles have equal opportunities for decent work in the public and private sectors.

                                    -          Strengthen laws and regulatory frameworks that promote the reconciliation and sharing of work and family responsibilities for women and men, including by designing, implementing and promoting family responsive legislation, policies and services.

                                  -          In the educational field ensure that pregnant adolescents and young mothers, as well as single mothers, can continue and complete their education.

                                  -          Recognize the social significance of maternity, paternitymotherhood, fatherhood and the role of parents in the upbringing of children.

                                  -          Take steps to measure the value of unpaid care and domestic work in order to determine its contribution to the national economy.

                                  -          Promote the entry, re-entry into the advancement in labour markets of all women, including through policies and programmes aimed to the elimination of structural barriers and stereotypes that young women face in the transition from school to work and also address the challenges faced by women returning from care-related career breaks and by older women.


You can see the pictures here:

And in case you haven?t signed the Manifesto yet here it is:


Two weeks fruitful and intense, our project, yours, and mine still goes forward. Thanks for being there!