Statement Women of the World


We, the Women of the World, declare that:

  1. Women and men need to recover and affirm their identity and complementarity in their own interest, in the interest of their families, in the interest of the labour market and in the interest of society in general.
  2. There is a feminine identity that develops in all its dimensions in complementarity and reciprocity with men.
  3. Women make a unique contribution to the stability of the family, the workforce, society and the common good.
  4. The role of women in society must be developed in all aspects without discrimination, violence or exploitation, as part of the challenges of the millennium.
  5. Motherhood has a unique value and dignity.
  6. In Western countries, women today are discriminated against because of their motherhood.
  7. Motherhood is an advantage for women in the workplace, and profitable for society as a whole.
  8. Motherhood and a woman's dedication to the family does not suppress her personal or intellectual development; on the contrary, it consolidates her personality and the development of her feminine identity.
  9. Non-market work and exclusive or prior dedication to the family is a social and economic value.
  10. The authentic emancipation of women entails the freedom to be and to live as women.

Therefore, we demand:

  1. Universal recognition and respect for women's identity, their dignity and true equality between men and women in their complementarity and reciprocity.
  2. International policies in defence of women's freedom to choose their dedication to the family, which implies a real reconciliation between family and work life.
  3. The universal recognition in international law of the value of the silent and seemingly invisible work of women within their families and the universal management of the term "exclusive dedication to the family" as an occupational group.
  4. An international framework of protection policies for working women who wish to have children or who devote themselves exclusively or partially to the care and attention of their families and the eradication of any form of discrimination against them.
  5. Universal prohibition of surrogacy. Surrogacy is a violation of the dignity of both the surrogate mother and the child. It is a new form of exploitation of women and human trafficking, which turns the child into the object of a contract.