During the summer we have been carrying out the first phase of the #TeletrabajoSí campaign with several images that expressed the advantages, difficulties and challenges that both employers and workers may encounter in relation to this new work modality, necessary for the context in which we are living but also as a tool in terms of family-work conciliation.


Thanks to those of you who have answered the survey, signed the petition or shared our publications, we have managed to reach almost 1,000 surveys that allow us to prepare the report that we will present in September and send to the main businessmen and political leaders.


Teleworking is not easy, a number of conditions must be met, changes are required not only in the adaptation of the workspace at home, but also in the acquisition of different forms of communication with the rest of the staff and learning new digital tools to become efficient in our tasks, to give some examples.


We believe that a consensual legislative solution must be sought, free of ideologies and balanced to meet the objectives of the company and satisfy the interests of workers. We are very involved in this campaign because we believe that women will be the great beneficiaries of this new way of participating in the workplace without renouncing to fully enjoy and develop their maternity with freedom and as they choose.