Many of you had asked us to collect signatures to ask for humane treatment of babies who died before birth, and so we have listened to you.

So in the Act on our website you can already find our petition to sign. We know that although the protocol for miscarriage remains varies from country to country, in most cases, neither the baby nor the parents receive the support they deserve and are forgotten.. No one talks about this problem, but even if it is a silent cry, it is still a cry.

From the Women of the World platform we want you to stop being silent and make it visible. With this signature campaign, all those who wish to do so can also support the campaign so that these babies and their families are not left alone..

In addition, the idea is to reach all the places where we have a political presence: we will deliver the signatures, we will have interviews with politicians, etc. We need the greatest support so that the politicians and the administration see that this is not an occurrence or something that does not have a social impact. They are almost always moved by social pressure, and that is why this campaign is necessary.

You can sign here:

You see, a year or more ago, our president, Leonor Tamayo was with the director of the Institute of Women in Spain, the two knew that they clashed on almost everything but Leonor raised this issue and the director agreed with 100%, moreover, she was outraged that things were as they are in fact. The same thing happened to her in an interview with a Ciudadanos councilor of the Madrid City Council.

And it is that no one, absolutely no one, can refuse to allow a mother who has lost a child to say goodbye to it and to be certain that it has not been thrown away. Leonor Tamayo knows it well, and she narrates it from her own experience:

"Yes, 10. And my second son was thrown away in front of me. So my personal interest in this campaign and my commitment to do everything I can to bring it forward. I know many other families have gone through something similar, and they have the same determination to do something about it."

This is the golden opportunity to do so. The best way to help us is to sign and share this campaign through our Social Networks.. With your signature we will be taking one more step so that babies who died before birth receive dignified treatment, and their families are accompanied in the grieving process. Thank you very much for helping us. We hope to be able to give you good news soon. We leave you the direct link to the signature page in case you are interested in participating.