Next Tuesday, the 14th, we will celebrate our first afternoon tea with you. It is true that the internet has opened many doors and given us a lot of opportunities to act, influence and work together, but personal contact is irreplaceable.

That is why we would like you to get to know us, to tell you about Women of the World, its past and its future, what we have done and why we have done it, to tell you how we work and how we want to do it even better.

We want to talk about the challenges ahead, what our priorities should be and how to address them, present our projects... and above all listen to you.

We want to do it in our own style, and we thought that an afternoon tea with friends with our feminine and modern touch was the best way to do it,

The appointment is on 14th May at 19.30 in the Gluework space at 42 López de Hoyos St., in Madrid

The idea is to get to know each other, think together, tell you about new projects and, if you want, see how you could collaborate with us.