Due to the well-known risks involved in a public demonstration, this year we have opted for a completely virtual model in accordance with the medical needs imposed by the pandemic.

With our campaign we do not want to focus only on denouncing the fact that in much of the non-Western world women do not have the same rights as men, nor are they valued or respected. We want it to be a day to stop for a moment to remember what is the female identity, so different from the male, and that both are complementary. It helps us to delve into what is proper and exclusive to women.

Feminism has taken an erratic course in recent years and has become a tool of exclusion. It has ceased to be the path opened by those women who achieved the first steps for equality and the recognition of female genius, and has become an element of social confrontation.

Together with a manifesto with 8 essential statements '8 answers for a different 8M' we have started a worldwide photo campaign in support of the slogan "WO+MEN. With the other half of the world". Feminism has gone off the rails and has become hatred of men, it is victimhood, it is supremacy, it is a fight between the sexes, rejection of motherhood... and all of this is exactly what we reject and against which we stand up. Radical feminism, the one that these days takes to the streets, does not defend women, it annuls them.

Here you can see the video with the 8 Answers for a Different 8M

And here you have the complete document.