The Argentine Delegation of Women of the World launches the campaign "10 Political Proposals in favor of women and motherhood" as part of the electoral campaign for the legislative elections to be held on November 14, 2021.

These 10 concrete policy proposals allow women to be themselves in their double dimension, woman and mother, thus respecting their feminine identity and the human, social and professional value of motherhood.

We continue to affirm that it is neither the mother, nor the father, nor the family who must necessarily adapt to the world of work and the economy, but quite the contrary. Because it is the family that gives life to society and a healthy society is based on healthy, strong, united and consolidated families.

Motherhood must regain its rightful place as a social and human good, worthy of all consideration and respect and a source of personal fulfillment and development. In no way can it be denigrated, discriminated against or objectified.

This is why the campaign will be sent to all candidates so that they can sign the campaign and, if elected, commit themselves to make the necessary legislative changes or public policy proposals in support of women and motherhood. Likewise, all citizens will also be able to commit themselves and support the proposals with their signatures, with the objective of delivering them to our politicians.

In the document, each one of these proposals is based and the reasons why, from Women of the World, we ask to promote them are justified.

The 10 policy proposals launched by WoW Argentina:

1.- Flexibility of actual working hours and promotion of intensive working hours.

2.- Promotion of work from home.

3.- To have 24 hours a year for family matters without justification.

4.- Support for part-time and short-time hiring.

5.- Extension of maternity leave to six months.

The defense and protection of women against any proven discriminatory gesture or harassment of any kind because of their maternity.

7.- The creation of a registry of persons with exclusive dedication to the family and dependent persons.

8.- The universal abolition of surrogate motherhood.

9.- Perinatal identity and the existence of informed consent for women who have suffered a miscarriage.

10.- Speeding up adoption procedures.

We believe that these spaces and resources are key to evaluate and promote the commitment of Argentine leaders and citizens in the struggle and defense of women and motherhood, which are so neglected in Argentina today.

The document can be consulted at here.

We invite you to adhere with your SIGNATURE.