Last week, on the occasion of International Women's Day, the nonsense of radical feminism became evident all over the world. A feminism of confrontation between men and women, and exclusion of those who do not agree with their ideas.


In Women of the World Platform we respond radical feminist. First of all, we refuse to see men as our enemies. Men are our companions, our allies, our complement. We are wonderfully different and complementary. We need each other and love that need. Only a few months ago we launched a campaign on this basic and key ideas: 1+1 Equal, Different, Complementary. We invite you to watch our video again here.


But we also respond with a question to feminists: why do you keep ignoring mothers and discrimination of motherhood in the labour market? The biggest problem women have to face in western countries today is discrimination against motherhood. Women are discriminated against because they are mothers, not because they are women. But this never comes out in any feminist manifesto. The greatest social challenge is to achieve equity in the workplace for women who are, or intend to be mothers. Along with the social and political recognition of full dedication to family and dependents. But, once again, you will never hear the feminist movement demanding this greatest social demand and real need for women in western societies. Our Worldwide Declaration of Mothers does bring this up, you can join it here  and watch the video here  


Women of the World Platform assumes as its commitment and its raison d'être complementarity and the defence of motherhood in society and the labour market. We are committed to respond to the true demands and needs of women, no matter whether those are politically incorrect or it may bring a reaction of radical feminism against us. We want to be the voice of women who speak in terms of women. And those terms include motherhood as well as unity and complementarity with men. For those are the roots of feminine identity.