2 February 2019. This morning we met with the Municipal Group of Ciudadanos. We had requested an interview with Dña Begoña Villacís, but instead we have been received by D. Migue Ángel Redondo. Just as we have done with PP and VOX, we wanted to to present our policy proposals. We are aware that there are points of disagreement, such as our position on surrogacy, but we also know that there are many points on which we agree and we can work together. Our political proposals are, as Miguel Angel Redondo has told us, very common sense, far from ideological postulates and close to the real needs of real women.

For this reason, we are convinced that ehis first approach can be very fruitful.We can make significant progress by putting aside the differences that separate us and focusing on the objectives we have in common.

We also wanted to to invite Ms. Begoña Villacís to participate in the demonstration on March 10. We hope you will accept our invitation and join us in reclaiming, celebrating and reaffirming femininity and complementarity.

We appreciate the prompt response to our request for an interview and the meeting we were able to have in a tone of understanding and fruitful dialogue.