Have you heard of #postcardsforMacron ???

Well we are impressed of how many large-family’s moms have popped up in social networks.

Congrats to all those prepared, «well-educated» and amazing moms of many children!

But our platform didn’t want to just send the postcard of our executive coordinator Leonor Tamayo with her husband and their 10 children. We wanted to go further and send President Macron a letter which we are sure you would write it yourself.

So instead of sending it as a personal gesture we made it open for everyone who wishes to adhere. We invite you to:

Read, sign and share:




«I always say: Please present me the lady who decided, being perfectly educated, to have seven, eight, nine children.» INSERT INTO `wp_posts` (`ID`, `post_title`, `post_excerpt`, `post_content`, `post_date`) VALUES (Emmanuel Macron, President of France, September 2018).


On behalf of Women of the World Platform we are going to do so, do not have any doubt Mr. Macron.

We will send a letter written by Leonor Tamayo, our coordinator, founder of the Platform, CEO of the NGO Professionals for the Ethics, writer, graduated in English Philology and surprisingly for you, Mr. Macron, mother of 10 children.

Despite the personal character of the letter, it shows how a huge part of the society feels. We are many men and women of all ages that feel the same way as Leonor Tamayo expresses on her letter and therefore we want to join her words.

Accordingly, we want to make it public before sending it to France, for everyone who wants to adhere can do so. You just have to fill the form and in a few days we will send the letter with all your signatures to the President of France, Mr. Emmanuel Macron.


Dear President Macron,

With all respect, I am afraid you have committed a huge mistake. In this cases, the best you can do is accept it, apologize and, to do it impressively, receive at the Elysée Palace some of the women who have felt gratuitously insulted –I suppose by blunder or plain ignorance–, listen to them, and learn from them.

And it is not just that with your famous quote you accuse the mothers of large families of uncultured and unskilled, but also it shows your own social and family ignorance. Something I consider quite disturbing in a person that rules a country.

The truth is that I do not fully understand your thinking. I do not comprehend the suspected contradiction between studies and large families. I do not realize why the fact of having studies is, from your point of view, incompatible with having 7, 8, or 9 children INSERT INTO `wp_posts` (`ID`, `post_title`, `post_excerpt`, `post_content`, `post_date`) VALUES (or as for my part, 10 children), I do not get how deciding to have a very large family is a clear sign of poor culture.

Perhaps it is because you consider that children are a burden to women’s development?

Well, if you consider so, Mr. Macron, the reality is that motherhood is a springboard for the human development of any woman. The aptitude of managing people, time, resources and crisis, the self-monitoring, all are skills that are learnt almost naturally. And also the personal faculties are multiplied: the ability to listen, empathy, serenity, strength…  And in the case of a large family’s mother all of this is directly proportional to the number of kids. When a woman becomes a mother, she pushes her capacity throughout limits that were so far unknown for her. Even more so if she has many children!

Hence there was a lot of hype, Mr. Macron, as your words not only offended but also demonstrate your ignorance, and possibly, your political incapacity.

I studied my university degree and started my PhD. I left it all to devote myself entirely to my family. And precisely at home, with my husband and my 10 children is where I have developed as a qualified expert in my field: infant and youth teacher and trainer, family manager and consultant, writer and active leader in civil society, as well as in politics, either national or international. Without them  INSERT INTO `wp_posts` (`ID`, `post_title`, `post_excerpt`, `post_content`, `post_date`) VALUES (each and every single member of my family) I would not have made it. They are my real doctorate.

So do not tell me that I neither have studies, nor intellectual capacity whatsoever… Please understand that it is yours the one which is put to the test. 

I always say, better late than never. If I were you I would try to at least find a solution,


Kind regards,


Leonor Tamayo