Social and political leaders over the world in favour of a pro-women change in the labour market

“They affirm in a manifesto that it has been turned its back on women and motherhood internationally”

Madrid, March 6th 2017 

Social and political leaders from all over the world, as well as NGOs have supported a manifesto, on the occasion of Women’s Day, which affirms that motherhood is discriminated against in the Western World and that the incorporation of women in the workplace has greatly ignored their unique feminine attributes, turning its back on motherhood. 

The Manifesto, promoted by Women of the World Platform, which is going to be presented this March 8th in different cities around the world, propose a number of points to change the productive model without making women hide, conceal or give up neither their femininity, nor their motherhood.

 The points proposed, based on a working paper prepared by the Platform: 10 Political Proposals are the following

1.     A real and positive work-family balance

2.     The legal and cultural recognition of the exclusive dedication to the family

3.     The denunciation of any discriminatory gesture towards women and maternity

4.     The elimination of social and ideological policies as well as of educational programs that do not respect the feminine identity and motherhood

A total number of 48 NGOs from 28 countries have subscribed the Manifesto, some of the entities that have signed already are: Population Research Institute, Asociación Europea de Abogados de Familia, For Family Rights from Russia, Res Claritatis from Czech Republic and Alianta Parintilor from Romania.

 Also different figures from the political sphere as social leaders manifested their support towards these points and this necessary change from a woman’s perspective such as: Luca Volonté, Italian politician; Lorena del Carmen Alfaro, Mexican MP; Nemanja Zaric, Serbian social leader, Santiago Valencia Colombian politician; Sharon Slater, US social leader and Rocío Monasterio, Spanish politician.

 The Manifesto is going to be presented during the 61 Session of the Commission on the Status of Women that will take place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York from 13 to 24 March 2017 INSERT INTO `wp_posts` (`ID`, `post_title`, `post_excerpt`, `post_content`, `post_date`) VALUES (CSW 61), which priority theme is precisely “the women’s economic empowerment in the changing world of work”.

 Further on, after the United Nations event is over, the Manifesto is going to be sent to national politicians from different countries though the NGOs, which are part of the Platform.   

 For Leonor Tamayo, the Platform’s coordinator: “the change in the productive model is urgent because the discrimination against women in developed countries is exclusively based on the fact for being a mother, not for being a woman. The labour market cannot continue ignoring motherhood or neglecting the different stages motherhood defines in their career, even less now, in a context of demographic winter that will make the global economy and the welfare state crack down”.

 Women of the World Platform is a platform created recently composed by 20 NGOs from different countries join together to uphold and protect feminine identity and the value of motherhood. “Often in the workplace women are compelled to hide their femininity, this is nonsense since companies lose half of their potential: which is given by women with their feminine identity”. Mrs. Tamayo continues: “motherhood is a plus in the women’s work potential”.

 The Platform has made a video to spread the Manifesto. You can watch it here:

Manifesto for a social and productive change in terms of women

Looking directly into the working world from a woman’s perspective.

The signing politicians, social leaders and organizations declare that:

       Maternity is being discriminated against in the Western World. Being a mother –or wanting to be one- causes many women to be pushed away from the workplace.

       The incorporation of women in the workplace has severely ignored everything they can contribute from their natural identity, and has neglected the different stages motherhood defines in their career.

       In order to recover the full identity of women in the workplace, it is necessary to make a change in social culture and also in the productive model so that economic rationality is not separated from the person and life is not subordinated to the interests of capital. A new socio-economic system that recognizes the family as a social foundation is much needed.

For all this, the following points are imperative:

1. A REAL AND POSITIVE WORK-FAMILY BALANCE, that allows women and men to raise and educate their children. This positive reconcilement involves making schedules more flexible, allowing the reduction of working hours and promoting work from home and professional responsibilities by goals through tax incentives in social security contributions to the companies that develop them.

2. THE LEGAL AND CULTURAL RECOGNITION OF THE EXCLUSIVE DEDICATION TO THE FAMILY. This dedication to the family implies an immense source of wealth and social welfare that is quantifiable economically through the GDP. Not recognizing the dedication institutionally entails social discrimination. Thus:

– The exclusive dedication to the family should be considered as a job category with access to social security, medical leave and retirement.

The reincorporation of women, who, because of their dedication to the family, have been out of the workplace, should be encouraged. This must be done by the state in a subsidiary manner through tax advantages in social security contributions for companies. In this regard, the main focus should be on women who are particularly vulnerable, such as single, widowed or separated mothers.

3. THE DENUNCIATION OF ANY DISCRIMINATORY GESTURE TOWARDS WOMEN AND MATERNITY. This includes the discrimination against working women who have children or who want to have children, and those who are exclusively or partially dedicated to the care of their families.  It also involves the elimination of the wage gap and access to certain jobs.

4. THE ELIMINATION OF SOCIAL AND IDEOLOGICAL POLICIES AS WELL AS OF EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS THAT DO NOT RESPECT THE FEMININE IDENTITY AND MATERNITY. Specifically, the gender perspective imposed in the educational, business and media spheres that does not reflect reality, but instead manipulates it.