A New Report in English on Surrogacy 

Surrogate Motherhood: Wombs for Rent. A New Way of Exploiting Women and Human Trafficking

Women of the World has the honor to share with you an updated, concise and complete report Surrogate Motherhood: Wombs for Rent. A New Way of Exploiting Women and Human Trafficking, elaborated by Profesionales por la Ética with the collaboration of WoW. The report has already been published in Spanish and is now translated into English with a very useful executive summary.

Surrogate motherhood is the worldwide modern women exploitation that turns babies into commercial goods. This practice represents one of the worst violations of human dignity for both the “gestational” mother and the child.  

The most recent European Court of Human Rights jurisprudence, as well as the Hague Conference on Private International Law seem to follow the trend towards a universal regulation of human trafficking and the exploitation of women for reproductive purposes. This has to be urgently stopped. It is vital to have a better understanding and to be updated on the development of this issue. Hope this revelatory material helps everyone to defend human dignity in a more strong and concrete sense. 

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