As you all know one of our aims is to be present in the international arena, to get inside the most important international bodies and regional institutions to advocate courageously for those women who wish to speak in terms of women, and defend effectively feminine’s identity, as well as the human, social and labour value of motherhood.

It is a great honour for us that on February 18th we became accredited to the European Union through the Transparency Register of the European Commission, the most powerful community institution, therefore the key body to influence and lobby in European legislation and political decisions that affect the so called ‘gender equality’ and women’s rights in the marketplace and workforce not only inside the EU Members borders, but also around the world. 

From now on we will be notified and consulted about relevant topics related to our expertise, we will be able to generate input to all the EU work developments, represent our partners in meetings and events, and have access to the European Parliament with our own pass. 

We figured within the section of Non-governmental organisations and more precisely platforms and networks and similar with the ID number: 793903730246-39

Step by step we are getting closer to recover women’s dignity and plenitude. Thanks to you again for helping WoW Platform to continue it’s mission!