Women of the World has been in Budapest for one of the most important social events related to the family: “The Budapest Family Summit”, which It has gathered 3 Forums «Building Family-Friendly Nations: Strengthening Families”, once again: The Demographic Forum, the World Congress of Families and the.

The Government of Hungary, with Katalin Novak leading INSERT INTO `wp_posts` (`ID`, `post_title`, `post_excerpt`, `post_content`, `post_date`) VALUES (whom is Secretary of State for Youth and Family) has coordinated, promoted and encouraged the organization of these events reaffirmed as well its position as world leader in the defense of the family.

 Here you can see the photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/133170518@N08/albums/72157684562025025

 It has been two days of intense and rewarding work in which we reaffirmed the fundamental role of Women of the World in society especially in Europe, and in USA and Canada, were some NGOS are already collaborate in the same direction of the objectives of Women of the World and their lines of action, which they allow to extend the information and to learn of those who take time defending the feminine identity, women and motherhood in national institutions and policies. International forums allow us expand relations with other entities, project new actions, reinforcing alliances and coordinating efforts and, above all, learning from others points of views, other ways of doing and understanding the reality and the challenges that we are face.

Leonor Tamayo was a  speaker at the World Congress of Families in a panel entitled «The Importance of Motherhood and Paternity» in which I spoke of our platform, the principles that sustain and the objectives that move us giving reasons, origins and consequences of loss of female and male identity, Also I presented our last campaigns related to discrimination against motherhood in labor world: The document 10 Proposed Policies, the Manifesto for Social Change, Politician in feminine, and the campaign Put A Mother In Your Company”. 

The vision and political action of our platform, the formation of university students and the diffusion of ideas and principles by powerful campaigns of social networks, are an innovative and effective ways to develop our mission. The style and aesthetics of WoW sweeps and our proposals convince. 

So let’s move on together. This is the way, there is no doubt.