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We are regainig for women their full identity, their role as women in their own families, in society and labour market, and we will give motherhood back its value and dignity.

La voz de las mujeres que hablan en términos de mujer



Thank you dad and thank you husband!

In many countries Father's Day is celebrated on these dates. There are a thousand reasons to thank them. And we have prepared a video that summarizes some of them https://youtu.be/ryx-SznaF8g Thank you for believing in me and supporting me in my projects. Thank you for giving me the example of the qualities I should look for in...

Political proposals in Mexico

The Mexican delegation of this platform launched the campaign "6 proposals in support of motherhood for June 6". The 6 proposals were sent via email to all candidates for a federal deputation in the 2021 electoral process, in order to find out if, in case of being elected, they...

Motherhood is the best gift

MATERNITY IS THE BEST GIFT! for women, the family and society as a whole. That is why from Women of the World we want to give it the recognition it deserves at an international level through a Manifesto launched on the occasion of Mother's Day. We are aware of the different...