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We are regainig for women their full identity, their role as women in their own families, in society and labour market, and we will give motherhood back its value and dignity.

The voice of women speaking in women's terms



In the face of violence against women

The 25th is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women The Women of the World platform joins the frontal rejection of all violence but we refuse to generalize and criminalize the male. We want to make clear our condemnation of violence, a strong demand for full compliance with the penalties for abusers, rapists etc ... and what we mean by violence against women and what it implies and how it should be fought. You can read and...

In the event of the loss of an unborn child

The global platform Women of the World resumes this October, month of perinatal bereavement, the campaign for perinatal bereavement support and dignified treatment of babies who die before birth in response to the need of a very high number of mothers, and also fathers, who carry this wound in their hearts, so many families with a bitter memory and a goodbye they could not give. In the event of the death of a baby before birth, as part of the protocol of accompaniment in the...

In the event of the death of an unborn child

Upon the death of an unborn child, as part of the bereavement support protocol, we ask that parents be given full information on the treatment of the body, burial options and that bodies NOT be collected in the same containers as surgical remains. Currently the baby's body is collected in containers along with other surgical remains and no information is given to the parents regarding what will happen to their child's body or the options for burial.....

Meeting with Congresswoman Alejandra Vigo - Argentina

On August 25, the Argentine Delegation of Women of the World participated in a meeting with the National Deputy and candidate for Senator, Alejandra Vigo. The meeting was attended by different youth organizations committed to life and family and the initiative was accompanied by María José Viola, Undersecretary of Education of the City of Córdoba and Natalia Quiñonez, Councilwoman of the City of Córdoba. The participation of Women of the World consisted in explaining the mission, vision and...

Campaign ?10 policy proposals in favor of women and motherhood? in Argentina

The Argentine Delegation of Women of the World launches the campaign "10 Political Proposals in favor of women and motherhood" in the framework of the electoral campaign for the legislative elections to be held on November 14, 2021. These 10 concrete policy proposals allow women to be themselves in their double dimension, woman and mother, thus respecting their feminine identity and the human, social and professional value of motherhood. We continue to affirm that she is neither the mother, nor...

ARGENTINA - Candidates for the 2021 elections: include these 10 concrete policy proposals to support women and motherhood

We invite you to commit yourself as a citizen and to adhere to the petition to the candidates for the Argentinean elections 2021 to include in their programs 10 concrete policy proposals to support women and motherhood. With your signature you will not only be defending motherhood, but you will also be asking all Argentinean politicians and candidates to commit themselves to the fulfillment of these proposals Mr. candidates for the 2021 elections, we invite you to sign this petition...

Thank you dad and thank you husband!

In many countries Father's Day is celebrated on these dates. There are a thousand reasons to thank them. And we have prepared a video that summarizes some of them Thank you for believing in me and supporting me in my projects. Thank you for giving me the example of the qualities I should look for in a man. Thank you for teaching me how to do things right. Thank you for teaching me to see life from a different perspective. Thank you for always reminding me of the potential I have and that my dreams have no...

Political proposals in Mexico

The Mexican delegation of this platform launched the campaign "6 proposals in support of motherhood for June 6". The 6 proposals were sent via email to all the candidates to a federal deputation in the 2021 electoral process, in order to know if, if elected, they would commit to make legislative changes or public policy proposals in support of motherhood. In the document sent, they justify the reasons why they...

Sign our Mother's Month manifesto and ask your representatives to stand up for Motherhood

Because Motherhood is the best gift! This year to celebrate Mother's Day from Women of the World Platform we wanted to demand the recognition that motherhood deserves internationally, and therefore we launched a manifesto that we ask you to sign: Women of the World Platform and the undersigned declare that: 1.- Motherhood is the best gift not only for a woman and her family but for the whole society that should rejoice with motherhood, respect it,...

Motherhood is the best gift

MATERNITY IS THE BEST GIFT! for women, the family and society as a whole. That is why from Women of the World we want to give it the recognition it deserves at an international level through a Manifesto launched on the occasion of Mother's Day. We are aware of the different obstacles faced by women around the world due to the fact of being mothers: from situations such as the loss of professional, economic and social status if they choose to dedicate themselves to their families, to the...
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Video: Celebrating Father's Day
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