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We are regainig for women their full identity, their role as women in their own families, in society and labour market, and we will give motherhood back its value and dignity.

The voice of women speaking in women's terms

Join the 8M Declaration Women Are Not for Sale

We want to add thousands of people to raise their voices against the commodification of women. Sign our declaration of this 8M 2022 to make our voice heard at the UN next week during the CSW to which we will have access through our partners. It will also reach the relevant bodies in the countries where we have a delegation and partners. We will send you the Declaration together with the collected signatures. DECLARATION 8M. Women are not for sale...


We present our institutional Declaration on the occasion of 8M 2022 You can support and join this statement by signing here: https://womenworldplatform.com/sumate-a-la-declaracion-8m-la-mujer-no-esta-a-la-venta/ DECLARATION 8M 2022 - WOMEN ARE NOT FOR SALE 8M does not make sense if the dignity of women is not at the center of the demands. For this reason, this 8M we want to raise our voices about practices that objectify women, and that are tragically intertwined: 1.

8M: Pornography

Pornography, this macabre industry, denigrates women at the highest level. Pornography is an industry that gravely offends the dignity of those who engage in it, as each becomes for another the object of rudimentary pleasure and illicit gain. Pornography can not only normalize the abuse of victims, but it can also normalize sexual abuse in the minds of pornography consumers. When consumers develop a pattern of objectification....

8M: Prostitution and trafficking in women

Any form of slavery is despicable, but it is alarming that pornography and prostitution generate more victims and a billionaire illegal business in constant increase. Prostitution is and has been an attack on women since ancient times, but hypersexualization, omnipresent in our time, exponentially fuels the demand for this practice that objectifies people, and the trafficking mafia is there to satisfy it. We insist, once again, on...

8-M | Surrogacy

The 8M does not make sense if the dignity of women is not at the center of the demands. That is why we dedicate special attention these days to surrogacy, a form of exploitation of women and objectification of the person. We share a video we made some time ago in which we tell you about the seriousness of the exploitation suffered by women in surrogacy and how mothers and babies are turned into objects for sale....

Happy Valentine's Day

On this February 14th we celebrate Valentine's Day, remembering the people we love. We often see how many stores and businesses promote and sell all kinds of gifts to express that affection, but like any physical gift these things do not last forever. That's why from Women of the World we want to share with you some not so common (and much cheaper) gift ideas so you can express affection to the people around you in your day to day. Some of...

Ten tips for 2022!

We started a new year and we were thinking together with the whole team, how we wanted to start it. The new year is the time of new resolutions par excellence. It is that time when you close a chapter, with its lights and shadows, and open a new one, blank, waiting to be written. And the mistakes come to your mind, those you didn't get to do, what you would do differently or simply what you didn't have time to do. From Women of the World we encourage you to take a moment...

In the face of violence against women

The 25th is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women The Women of the World platform joins the frontal rejection of all violence but we refuse to generalize and criminalize the male. We want to make clear our condemnation of violence, a strong demand for full compliance with the penalties for abusers, rapists etc ... and what we mean by violence against women and what it implies and how it should be fought. You can read and...

In the event of the loss of an unborn child

The global platform Women of the World resumes this October, month of perinatal bereavement, the campaign for perinatal bereavement support and dignified treatment of babies who die before birth in response to the need of a very high number of mothers, and also fathers, who carry this wound in their hearts, so many families with a bitter memory and a goodbye they could not give. In the event of the death of a baby before birth, as part of the protocol of accompaniment in the...

In the event of the death of an unborn child

Upon the death of an unborn child, as part of the bereavement support protocol, we ask that parents be given full information on the treatment of the body, burial options and that bodies NOT be collected in the same containers as surgical remains. Currently the baby's body is collected in containers along with other surgical remains and no information is given to the parents regarding what will happen to their child's body or the options for burial.....
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