The complex and globalized practice of "surrogacy" or "surrogate motherhood" is a new form of exploitation of women and human trafficking. However, both the Spanish legal system and the recent jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights, as well as the Hague Conference on Private International Law, are taking astonishing steps towards the legalization of what the most elementary common sense discovers as a crude trade in human beings and an instrumentation of women for reproductive purposes abusing personal situations of poverty.

It is therefore urgent for public opinion to become aware of the scope of this very serious attack on women's dignity and for politicians committed to human rights to commit to its universal abolition, for which various international initiatives are already underway.

Professionals for Ethicswhich already participates in some of these international initiatives, also wanted to contribute to this purpose with the preparation and dissemination of the revealing Report "Surrogacy. Surrogate motherhood. A new form of exploitation of women and human trafficking."available in both full version as in the form of executive overview.

Women of the World has also collaborated in the preparation and editing of the report.

Ee hope that this simple, concise and attractive material will be useful to understand and situate the problem in its ethical and legal dimensions; and at the same time be an effective tool to combat this new violation of the dignity of the human person.

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